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A Level 1 certificate or equivalent competency is required to hire or launch.
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General hiring & operating procedures

Please see our hiring rules below. If you don't need to rent our gear, you are more than welcome to use our launch facilities and set out on your own aquatic adventure at Mercers Lake.

General Hiring & Operating Procedures

  • Minimum competency:
    > Level 1 (or equivalent)
  • Unaccompanied Juniors:
    > Aged 14+
  • All Under 18’s must wear a Buoyancy Aid.
  • All adults must wear a buoyancy aid unless the
    specific sport allows for it to not be worn.
  • All decisions depend on weather conditions and are ultimately at the Senior Instructor’s discretion.
  • Anyone launching their own equipment must have adequate insurance which should cover third party liability of at least £1,000,000. Becoming a member of British Canoeing for paddlers or the RYA for sail sport participants includes adequate insurance cover. For more details and to join today, visit: BC or The RYA.


  • Minimum competency:
    > Level 1 for singlehanders.
    > Level 2 for Crew Boats (L1 at our discretion).
  • Seamanship Skills required to take unqualified
  • Level 1 required to accompany Junior Stage 1.
  • Unaccompanied Juniors:
    > Stage 3 or Adult Level 1.


  • Level 1 must wear buoyancy aid.
  • Unaccompanied Juniors:
    > Junior Stage 2 or Adult Level 1
    > Must have buoyancy aid regardless of level.
  • Adult Level 2 must have harness if not wearing buoyancy aid.


  • Wearing a leash is strongly advised
  • If not wearing a leash, adults MUST wear a buoyancy aid.
  • A leash does not allow an Under 18 to not wear a buoyancy aid.


  • All users must have a minimum level 1, or relevant experience
  • All users must wear a buoyancy aid, regardless of level
  • All users must wear a waist/wrist leash for their Wing, regardless of level
  • All users must wear a waist or calf leash for their board, regardless of level